Monday, November 19, 2007

Thing 23 - The End

I cannot believe the end is here. I finally made it through 23 Things. It has been an interesting journey for me at times challenging with lots of reading; but on the whole fun. I have learned a lot through these past weeks. I now know about flickr, podcast, to name a few. I had fun with YouTube, Meez, Web 2.0 and much more. I am very pleased that even though at times the journey was not easy I kept up with it and at last I have made it to the finish line. I am very proud of myself. 23 Things has opened a whole new world for me. It is the way of the future and I plan to continue exploring more Tech things.

Thing 22 - Downloadable Audiobooks

I love to listen to books. With three little ones I find myself listening to books more and more while on the road. During my search on netlibaray and overdrive, I was a bit disappointed I could not find a lot of titles that I was interested in. I did see a list of some classics that I will like to listen to though. With my new MP3 player I plan to download a couple of titles and listen to them.

Thing 21 - Podcasting

This is yet another audio and video broadcasting over the internet. As with YouTube I enjoyed listening and watching the video clip. This is neat.

Thing 20 - YouTube

This video clip is one of my favorites. I enjoy kids animations and the fact that it is a commercial from the 70's that is very cool. Things have really changed.

Thing 19 - Web 2.0

I found searching on Web 2.0 very interesting and cool. I searched under places and started with Columbia, MD since I am new in the area. I found all kinds of interesting facts. Also searched information about West Africa that proved to be fun. I plan to go back and do more searching.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Thing 18 - Zoho Writer

I signed up for Zoho Writer and found it very easy to use. This is actually word processing and spreadsheet that is accessible anywhere. What I liked most about this is the fact that one can be any place at anytime and still be able to access a document on the virtual web. Cool.

Thing 17 - Sandbox

The Sandbox is a very useful tool and makes working on a project and collaborating with others very easy. I enjoyed working on this.